Of Branding & NFTs

NFTs will change the way the world operates.

We’re in unprecedented times.

Listen and listen good……

If you really want to build a DOMINION brand in these unprecedented times, you’ve got to pay attention to NFTs.

NFTs are going to change the world.

They’re going to be huge - VERY HUGE!

They will change the way our world operates.

They will disrupt many industries.


Are you ready for what’s coming?

I’m insanely bullish on NFTs, crypto, blockchain games and web3.

Welcome to the Age of DAOs.

The metaverse and AI are coming.

DeFi is here to stay.

The question now is……

How can we (me and you) take these new technologies and turn them into forces for good by solving humanity greatest challenges?

This is a trap! Don't fall for it

It will take your freedom and peace of mind away.

The borrower is subjected to the lender.

By all means, AVOID “instant loans.”

It’s a trap you don’t want to be caught in.

A trap to take your freedom away and make you powerless.

(You’ve got to put a premium on freedom and peace of mind…..

…..if you want to live life to the fullest.)

Don’t let them entice you with their “no collateral required loans.”

Don’t fall for it!

Though it may be appetizing and quick…

…but it won’t end well.

They ALWAYS don’t.

Don’t be another victim.

Seductive instant loans will enslave you in circle of borrowing.

Refuse to be a slave, my dear friend.

Don’t give your power away.

Don’t say I do not warn you.


Get yourself financially liberated

With huge wealth, you can do massive good.

The purpose of wealth is freedom. There’s nothing more than that.

Freedom to be all that you really want to be.

Freedom to live life and do business on your terms.

(Yes, it’s possible.)

Freedom to live the GOD life and make the world submit to your influence and mission.

With huge wealth, you can do massive good….

You can upgrade the lives of those around you and make the world better than the way you met it.

So go ahead and get yourself financially liberated for wealth will bring you freedom.

And freedom is about completely being in charge of your time.

It’s about being able to do what you really want to do and not allowing others to determine your destiny.

Seek to be financially free.

Seek freedom.

Do You Have A “Benevolent Account”?

If you want to be enriched (blessed with abundance), you must become a blessing to others.

I think you should have one if you truly want to build wealth, the one that stands the test of time.

A benevolent account is specifically for giving purposes.

It helps you tap into the Law of Giving and Receiving.

When you withhold the money you should give, you stop its circulation back into your life.

Yes, that’s what you’re doing.

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

The Law of Giving and Receiving says, “whatever you want to receive, you must give.”

If you want to be enriched (blessed with abundance), you must become a blessing to others.

You must bear other people’s burdens.

You must be socially responsible.


……..you must learn to give, and give again, and again.

This is a law.

It’s no respecter of persons.

It doesn’t care if you’re white or black, short or tall, fat or slim, Christian or Muslim, even an Atheist.

I’ve got different kinds of account (i.e. personal account, crypto-wealth account and more) but one account I don’t play with is my benevolent account. It’s one of my wealth-building strategies.

The monies I give out from my benevolent account multiples by giving it away.

Sounds crazy right?

Yes, I know.

The more I give from this account, the more I get back in return.

(And you can’t possibly believe until you start doing it.)

I don’t give out of guilt or compulsion, or obligation.

I give for the right reason.

I’m a cheerful (joyous, “prompt to do it”) giver [whose heart is in his giving].

Are you?

Rich, Powerful, and Influential

Power is the only thing that protects you from the abuse and wickedness of others.


I’m Yinka Brand.

I started this newsletter to help ambitious underdogs like you (the little guys & chicks with big, hairy audacious goals) live a lifetime of power, success, and choice in any area of human endeavour.

I believe to live life to the fullest, you need a LOT of money, power, and influence.

Power, for instance, is the only thing that protects you from the abuse and wickedness of others in this world.

(Plus money is attracted to power.)

Power helps you stop others from controlling you or your destiny.

It helps you cope with the demands of life.

With it, you can be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want to be.

Seek this 3 things:

  1. Wealth (Affluence)

  2. Power

  3. Influence

They will help you live life to the fullest.

Say this to yourself everyday:


P.S. With purpose comes power, and power brings unspeakable wealth which helps you promote your own interest in this world.

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